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The Powerful Message Behind “Sad Eyes”, by Brigitte Pace

By Lian Brault, Laurie Dumais

Gravitating to the music scene since 1998, Brigitte Pace started her career with the album Weird Voices (1998). Her hit single “Save Your Soul”, starring on her debut album, was featured on Musique Plus and got airplay on 97.7 CHOM FM. The song gained national attention. Currently head of her own Indie label with her partner Albe, the duo have produced four albums so far. On February 5th 2021, Brigitte releases her highly anticipated single “Sad Eyes”, and music video.

The track reflects on the famous expression : “eyes are the window to the soul”. It’s a reminder that even if we try to hide our pain, the closest people around us can see our emotional burden. It is better to let go of the torment we carry, rather than keeping it all to ourselves. Living in a society where most people need constant validation from others, especially through social media, the song gracefully highlights this modern day stake.

“Sad Eyes is the need for one to be as authentic as one can be in order to live a happier more fulfilled life. Oftentimes because of our misgivings we are crushed and paralyzed with fear and false perceptions of ourselves. Therefore spiralling downwards. With today's social need of constant gratification we want to feel liked, seen and heard which should be the case of everyone but often it isn’t" says Brigitte.

With its country-rock vibe, “Sad Eyes” succeeds in bringing the listener on a powerful and emotional journey. You will be pleasantly surprised with the poignant lyrics, the great production and the moving message that finds its relevance in today’s society.

Pace’s new music video for “Sad Eyes” features two talented kids who play a key role. They represent Brigitte and Albe, and reinforce her message: don’t be so afraid to liberate your authentic emotions, and your real nature.

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