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NEOMI releases hit song "I hope YOu know"

by Laurie Dumais, Lian Brault

After releasing “New York” in January, Neomi is back with her new single “ I Hope You Know”. This new song was certainly not written in haste; the independent Montreal singer and songwriter wrote the song when she was around 17 years old and has been working on it until now, trying different things until it was perfect.

With its pop-rock vibe, “ I Hope You Know” has a catch to it, especially when the chorus hits. The melody is poignant and intense with the drums, guitar and bass but it’s Neomi’s voice that brings out the emotional aspect of the song. The lyrics have a lot of meaning for the singer, and the work she’s put in to find the right words is paying off.

The power chords played on the electric guitar have some “vintage” flavour to them; it takes the audience back to the 2000’s post-punk era. The drum lines creating the build-up to the bridge are intense and wild, leading Neomi asking “Could I love you again? Could I trust you again?” in a heartbreaking voice. The overall execution of the track is fantastic in itself.

Music Video

The intensity of the video helps show the importance of the song and its meaning. We see transitions between the singer and her band, which helps bring focus on the instrumental of the song. The background of newspapers with the red-painted “I hope you know you let me down” seems to highlight that the person who hurt the story’s main character (Neomi, in this case) has to get the message that he/she has committed an act of treason.

In other words, for a song Neomi wrote when she was only 17 years old, the lyrical depth, the general nostalgic emo-punk vibe of the production, and Neomi’s voice sounding like Hayley William are ingredients for a successful recipe, taking the listener back to that time when the puka-shell necklace was “in”. The flashing lights, as well as the clothes in the video are also perfect elements adding to the 2000’s aesthetic of the song.

Make sure to stream “ I Hope You Know” on all of Neomi’s streaming platforms and follow her on all her social platforms for more music!

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