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Francesco Fanara’s “Time Lapse”, an Introspective Journey on Time Relativity

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

by Lian Brault, Laurie Dumais, Stéphanie Richard

Francesco Fanara, a Sicilian artist born in the small town of Ribera, is a self-taught musician who started playing the guitar in his teenage years, moving on to piano composition later in his life. The talented and humble pianist released his first instrumental piece “Time Lapse” back in November 2020 and has since gained thousands of streams.

“Time Lapse” highlights the concept of time perception; are hours, minutes, seconds only a human illusion? Through his song, Francesco wants to encourage the listener to reflect on time relativity as a social construct that can be altered by human subjectivity and many other factors.

His melody takes the audience in a peaceful and pleasant, yet hypnotizing adventure. Francesco’s waltz with a modern twist à la Yann Tiersen feels like a revolving clock, the notes rolling and accelerating, as the song progresses.

With his beautiful piano playing, Francesco Fanara really takes us on an introspective journey that you will want to get on board.

Watch the video for “Time Lapse” below, and stream the song on your preferred digital platform here.

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