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Dreamstate Agency Launches "The Dreampreneur: Networking Event" to Help Entrepreneurs Forge New Connections

The Dreampreneur: Networking Event

Dreamstate Agency proudly announces the "Dreampreneur: Networking Event," designed to foster networking, collaboration, and growth among entrepreneurs. Taking place on May 25th at Casa D'Italia in Montreal, this event aims to empower entrepreneurs from various stages of their business journey through meaningful connections. The event also aims to spotlight underrepresented groups such as women entrepreneurs, and official language minority groups such as Anglophones in Quebec. 

Entrepreneurs often face challenges such as isolation and limited opportunities to network and collaborate, especially for groups that are under-represented. These barriers can hinder progress and create challenges for entrepreneurs looking to grow their network and promote their business.

Dreamstate Agency launches The Dreampreneur to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to overcome these challenges. The event includes networking, the opportunity to pitch their business to an audience, and short presentations, all designed to enhance attendees' entrepreneurial skills, confidence, and build meaningful connections.

"We designed the Dreampreneur event to build a community of entrepreneurs that support and elevate each other. Although Montreal is a city filled with opportunities, we aim to bridge the gender and language gaps that make it more challenging for some entrepreneurs to be seen and heard." - Alessia Priolo, Founder of Dreamstate Agency

Between 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, participants will engage in various activities including networking, live entertainment, speaker presentations, and refreshments. Attendees who step out of their comfort zones to pitch their businesses will also have the chance to win prizes. There will be four speakers: Alessia Priolo, founder of Dreamstate Agency, Michael Prendergast, ELLEvate business coach, Taigenz, hip-hop artist, and content creator and influencer Veronica Scalia. The two live performers will be stand-up comic Shosho, and classical pianist Catherine Bertrand.

"I decided to support the Dreampreneur event, as we need more events like these, to grow together as young entrepreneurs" - Maria Paone, Financial Consultant at iA Financial Group.

Secure your spot at this not-to-be-missed event by purchasing tickets now available at the regular price of $25. This is your opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights.

For more information and to grab your ticket, visit:


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