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ALESSIA: Muse Tribute on REVO1 Curveboard

by Laurie Dumais, Lian Brault

Alessia Priolo is a pianist, keyboardist, and composer. Born and raised in Sicily, she pursued her passion for music and studied classical music at the renowned music conservatory "Arturo Toscanini'' in her hometown, Ribera. With her latest performance, the Montreal-based Sicilian artist demonstrates her skills on her NUmotion keyboard by paying tribute to Muse. She covers the instrumental versions of New Born (2001), MK Ultra (2009), and Undisclosed Desires (2009); an interpretation of Muse’s music you’ll want to see.

The playing is energetic and captivating, and the mix of these three songs is very well-blended. Starting with “New Born”, during which the soft arpeggios hype the listener for what’s coming. Next, Alessia’s “MK Ultra” rendition is played with a dynamic synth hook. Alessia’s fingers literally run across her keyboard. Smiling through the frenzied musical delivery, the keyboardist puts all of her passion into every single note.The moving neon background fits the futuristic sound of the song.

In addition to Alessia’s fascinating performance on her curved keyboard, the background of the video supports the instrumental interpretation of each song extraordinarily. Through each cover, starting with “New Born”, the background changes from a soft desert to bright neon colours that are well-suited for “MK Ultra”, and finishes with a fun disco-inspired visual for “Undisclosed Desires”.

You can watch the epic medley on YouTube:

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