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A Glimpse of "Paradise" by Suzi D

by Lian Brault, Laurie Dumais

Suzi D, a singer-songwriter from Montreal, has been singing most of her life. Starting in elementary school, she joined the choirs which introduced her to the beautiful world of music. She pursued her passion with a band called “Child” for about 12 years, performed over 500 shows, and opened for the band “The Tragically Hip” back in the early 90's. After taking a break from music until 2005, Suzi D was longing for the old days. Ready to sing again, she was back in the music scene soon after. “Paradise”, her new single, showcases her strong songwriting and vocals skills.

“Paradise” brings a nostalgic breeze reminiscent of the ‘70s. The track starts with a powerful and soaring voice singing “Oh, feel the wind in my face”. Then follows a funky guitar hook, taking the listener back to the shiny disco ball and the bell-bottom pants era. The leading bass line and synths perfectly create a feeling of motion throughout the song. Listeners only need to close their eyes to be carried away to a beautiful place, where you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, see the beach, and majestic views from the hilltops. The artist’s lyrics invite us to be happy and joyful, no matter the situation, and as the chorus says, want to “take us for a ride, take us to Paradise”.

With “Paradise”, Suzi D succeeded in creating a remedy for optimism during the global pandemic, she says herself : “PARADISE was written for everyone to take a few moments and forget about what's going on in the world”. It’s with open arms and cheerfulness that Suzi D reminds us to feel love and freedom in these hard times, even if for a brief moment. You can watch the video for “PARADISE” below, and can follow Suzi on Spotify and on her social media platforms below!

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